In my years of work at the nation's largest provider of trans primary care, I've learned that transgender people must be given space to define their own goals for transition. To successfully meet those goals, the institution's language and approach must adapt to a person-centered, harm reduction model. I've participated in projects to design institutional policy, health literacy materials, and service delivery workflows in this spirit, accounting for the diverse and specific needs of trans consumers. I'm available to consult with healthcare providers, colleges and universities, businesses, and social service organizations to meet the needs of their trans constituents. 

There is no one, monolithic trans community. I cannot speak for trans people dis-proportionally effected by transphobia as it interacts with racism, misogyny, class, and ability. I can, however, speak to how medical and other institutional cultures invalidate or under-serve unique and diverse trans needs. My involvement in NYC's thriving community of transgender professionals allows me to refer inquiries to more experienced trans peers when appropriate.

I have limited availability to collaborate on projects outside of an institutionally funded model. If you have a radically community-based project and could benefit from my perspective or workshop facilitation, please get in touch.

I am not able to advise on individual insurance denial situations. The following organizations DO have the capacity to do that:

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